The People Behind the Camera

Director /Producer
Lisa Burd

Executive Producer
Gerben Cath

Lisa Burd

2nd Camera /Director
Anita Langthaller

Sandy Pantall

Associate Producer
Tony Quirk

Production Coordinator
Anita Langthaller

Assembly Editor
Doug Dillaman

Marketing Manager
Jo Hampton

Sound Production
Beth Tredray

Music Editor
Sandy Pantall

Colour Grader / Graphics
Jamie Gardner

The People In Front of the Camera

Cycle Guides
Laurie Collins
Michelle Slusher

WomanTours Founder
Gloria Smith

WomanTours President
Jackie Marchand

Ann Buettner-Glass, Annie Windsor, Becky Hettinger,
Betsy McConnell, Carole Rose, Claudette Gurley,
Claudia Burkhardt, Georgia Rogers, Gizele Price
Glenna Hunter, Jean Jackman, Joanna Schumacher,
Karen Povenmire, Kathryn Vashro, Linda Cerda,
Mary Libbey, Rosetta Lane,Sarene Schumacher, Vickie Chapman

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