Post Production

The documentary footage has been recorded on 110 DV Cam Tapes. The overall goal is for the completed documentary programme to reach a wide international audience via television networks and film festival exposure, thereby raising awareness of women's breast cancer research and offering inspiration and encouragement to women that no matter how old we are, we can do more than the boundarys we set ourselves!

To achieve this, the recorded material has been edited into an 86 minute feature length documentary for possible cinema release which can also be distributed as two commercial one hour (43 minute duration) television documentaries.

Production Team

Award winning New Zealand documentary camera operator and director, Lisa Burd, is the key person who has been responsible for initiating this project having been on the trip in 1999. Six years later her commitment to the project is so strong that she actually completed the majority of the journey by bike in order to vividly capture the real action of life on the road. The gritty quality of her recorded material forms the basis of the programme. She has been equally committed to completing the post production of the documentary with the same integrity, sensitivity and compassion she devoted to the shooting of it.

Gerben Cath, an experienced New Zealand producer and director of drama and documentary productions is the Executive Producer of the film. His production company Arcadian Films and studio complex South Seas Studies situated on Auckland's North Shore are providing on going facilities and support for the project.

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