Director's Statement

It is rare when we get to truly capture the power of the human spirit. In todays fast paced world, it is hard to find instances that make us stop and wonder at the possibilities. We are used to the "superstars" of time achieving impossible feats, but where do we look to find the "ordinary" legends of our era? For me this film brings to life the notion that with the right attitude anything is possible. The women in this story are wonderful role models. They insist they are not exceptionally brave or tough people. Their stories are unique and gratifying, revealing the human side of a very tough challenge. The film renders their often life-changing experiences with humility, honesty and a vital sense of humour. Changing Gear captures the women's enthusiasm, energy, and zest for life, and strives to inspire and motivate an audience.


Director / Camera

Lisa Burd has always been fascinated by people and their stories. An entrepreneurial woman, Lisa has dabbled in many different lines of work including taking cycle tours around New Zealand. It was on one of these trips that she was asked to guide on the 1999 WomanTours Southern Tier cycle tour across America. She wasn't far into the trip before Lisa knew this inspirational journey for women over 50 needed to be documented.

Upon returning to New Zealand, Lisa enrolled at the South Seas Film and Television School in Auckland. Since graduating Lisa has worked largely as a director/camera operator on a variety of productions and news programmes, she was director of a children?s TV show, and was camera / director on a reality TV show which won ?Best NZ Television Information Programme 2004 at the New Zealand Qantas Media Awards in 2005.

All the while Lisa's determination to document the transcontinental trip never waned and once she had gained the necessary experience and a small amount of funding, she made it happen.

Changing Gear is Lisa's first feature length documentary.

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